Robin Rescue

Today, one of Whitelands’ team members, Molly, discovered a robin fledgling in the grass. She immediately approached Dr. Frost, who went out to assess the situation. Dr. Frost felt that the bird was too young to be out of the nest, and recommended calling the Schuykill Wildlife Rehab Center for the best next steps. SWRC agreed with Dr. Frost’s assessment, and suggested that we try to find the nest to return the baby bird, or failing that, bring the baby to their Center in Philadelphia.

Molly managed to safely confine the hopping baby in a small cardboard box while another team member discovered a nest in a nearby tree. The mother robin began calling to the baby from a nearby pine tree. With the use of a ladder, Molly returned the baby to the nest, and then everyone rushed inside to see if the mother would return to her baby. After a few moments, the team observed the mother carefully make her way over to the nest. Within a few minutes, mama bird was digging up worms in the dirt and bringing food to her baby.

Many thanks to Molly, Dr. Frost, and the Schuykill Wildlife Rehab Center for their efforts in reuniting the Robin family! (And yes, that really is a shoe!)