Kait Standal

Kait joined Whitelands Animal Hospital in May 2021 with a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a background in office management and administrative practices. A Wisconsin native, Kait grew up on her family farm and would often work closely with veterinary staff to ensure that the animals on the property received proper care and treatment.

These interactions led Kait to want to pursue a career in the Veterinary field and support Veterinarians and their teams in providing exemplary care to patients and their families.

Along with her commitment to animal health and welfare, Kait is an avid equestrian and enjoys furthering her riding career with three horses Sam, Jasper, and Lyric. When she’s not in the barn, she’s exploring local parks with dogs Tuck, Faye, and Jynx, reading a book with cat Penelope, traveling with her husband, Derrek, or developing her own works of writing.

Tonia Swavely

Tonia graduated San Jose College 2017 with an A.A.S in veterinary medicine. Since then, she has been working to give pets a voice in their medical care while providing a compassionate approach to every patient she sees.

Tonia shares her home with her daughter, Lily, and son, Liam. Additionally, she has five cats Wasabi (Fatboy), Bella (Queen Bee), Vanelope Von Schweetz (Old Lady), Guppy (Gup-gup), Stach McLovin (Stink), and one Miniature Dachsund named Fiona.

A few of her favorite things include skydiving, ziplining, white water rafting, and exploring abandoned buildings. Her favorite dog breeds include Pitbulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhounds, Dogo Argentinos, and Italian Sponones.

Cheyenne Beebe

Cheyenne joined Whitelands Animal Hospital in 2022.

As a Pennsylvania native and avid animal lover, Cheyenne always knew she wanted to work closely with animals and enjoys the deep connections we share with the furry members of our families. Every day, Cheyenne works hard to make sure that the patients we see at Whitelands Animal Hospital are well looked after and that their families are well-informed both during and after their visits.

Cheyenne shares her home with her 4 cats Loki, Lexi, Scottie, and Nova and Australian Cattle Dog, Blu. Some of the things Cheyenne enjoys include sports (particularly baseball and football!) and music. Often, Cheyenne can be found at a KPop concert or cheering on either the Phillies or Packers.


Piper (she/they) was born and raised in Chester Springs, and graduated from Downingtown East High School in 2013.  After attending Penn State University and graduating with a B.S in Recreation Park and Tourism Management, Piper spent 5 years promoting conservation education in a variety of Zoos, Nature Centers, and Outdoor Schools.

Over the course of her career, Piper has worked with over 60 different species of animals providing care. Piper pivoted into the Veterinary field 2 years ago and currently lives in Phoenixville with her black cat, Jasper, and volunteers at the John James Audobon Center.

Hobbies include reading fantasy romance novels, playing board games and tabletop RPG’s, and singing too loudly.

Masako Kuragano

Mako is a certified pet groomer for dogs and cats. Having worked in the corporate world in five states and two different countries overseas, Mako decided to pursue a different interest. So, she took a pet grooming course (something she always wanted to do!) and completed her schooling through the American Academy of Pet Grooming in New York City.

Mako worked with several pet grooming salons before accepting a position at Whitelands Animal Hospital. She’s currently living in West Chester, PA with her Philly native husband and adopted puppy, Genji.

Dr. Danielle Frost

Dr. Danielle Frost is the founder and owner of Whitelands Animal Hospital. She was raised in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

After college, she moved to Philadelphia to begin a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Initially, she worked as a research chemist for Johnson Matthey Inc. developing new pharmaceutical drugs and then she worked in compliance as an analytical chemist for the Food and Drug Administration.

Although she enjoyed math and science, her love of animals and her desire to help people were not fully satisfied in a chemistry career. So, she decided to combine these interests by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002.

Since graduating from PENN, Dr. Frost has practiced medicine at several veterinary hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area including Glenolden Animal Hospital, Ivens Veterinary Hospital and Phoenixville Animal Hospital.

Dr. Frost is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and the Delaware Valley Academy of Veterinary Medicine. Her hobbies include going to the beach, watching the Phillies, cooking, reading, and running.

Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Spaying and neutering are important for reducing pet overpopulation, and for the health and happiness of your pet. Discuss your options with Dr. Frost or Dr. Wolstenholme to make the right decision for your pet. 610-644-6996.

Robin Rescue

Today, one of Whitelands’ team members, Molly, discovered a robin fledgling in the grass. She immediately approached Dr. Frost, who went out to assess the situation. Dr. Frost felt that the bird was too young to be out of the nest, and recommended calling the Schuykill Wildlife Rehab Center for the best next steps. SWRC agreed with Dr. Frost’s assessment, and suggested that we try to find the nest to return the baby bird, or failing that, bring the baby to their Center in Philadelphia.

Molly managed to safely confine the hopping baby in a small cardboard box while another team member discovered a nest in a nearby tree. The mother robin began calling to the baby from a nearby pine tree. With the use of a ladder, Molly returned the baby to the nest, and then everyone rushed inside to see if the mother would return to her baby. After a few moments, the team observed the mother carefully make her way over to the nest. Within a few minutes, mama bird was digging up worms in the dirt and bringing food to her baby.

Many thanks to Molly, Dr. Frost, and the Schuykill Wildlife Rehab Center for their efforts in reuniting the Robin family! (And yes, that really is a shoe!)

Cats are better at hiding illnesses than dogs

Did you know there are 10 million more cats owned in America than dogs? Cats are also less likely than dogs to visit the veterinarian, but they’re good at hiding illnesses. May 7-13 is National Pet Week®. Why not celebrate by making sure your cat is receiving the preventive care he or she needs to lead a happy, healthy life? Please call us at 610-644-6996 to set up an appointment.